Stormtroopers Assault Raw Milk Distributor – Wake up, America

Raw food - Raw milk - Is it a menance to society?

Welcome to America! Libertarian News dryly state: “Because you are too stupid to know what is best for you” (see link below) Rawsome Foods, a group of raw milk enthusiasts trying to commercialize healthy raw milk, where arrested raid-style in California in 2011. There is an odd addition: “Raw Milk Arrests” are quite common across the US. And apparently, raids on raw milk sellers have been going on for many years in California.

Stormtroopers Assault Raw Milk Distributor Without Warrant – Bail Set At $123,000 | Libertarian News.

From California to New York and Washington people are arrested because it is illegal to transport raw milk across state lines. It is considered a threat to public health and FDA is behind this. Wonder if there are some lobbyists behind them too?

The nazi style raid on Rawsome Foods in Venice, CA was actually documented and put on youtube:

Wake up, America!


One Comment on “Stormtroopers Assault Raw Milk Distributor – Wake up, America”

  1. The Newyorker has written an in-depth article about the Rawesome Foods affair. Exciting reading with undercover agents and everything:

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